Color of Life Drawn with Love

On 16 December 2000 the Child's Heart Drawing Collection sponsored by the Foundation was presented to Project Hope and Shanghai Children's Medical Center. Proceeds from the book sales were donated to the Medical Center.

The drawings in the book were compiled from the award-winning works in the "Color of Life" drawing competition held in Shanghai in 1999. The works from the competition are displayed in every corner of the Medical Center as spiritual encouragement for the sick children undergoing therapy.

Color of Life is the children's celebration of life and love. The children's portrayal of a beautiful world embroidered with their childhood innocence is a reflection of the selfless sacrifice, care and love bestowed upon them by countless compassionate benefactors near and far. And of course, these include the Medical Center's staff who have labored attentively and sacrificed willingly out of love for the children.

In 1988 the Shanghai Mayor partnered the Medical Center with Project Hope and a comprehensive modern children's hospital was born 10 years later, witnessed by the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Shanghai Mayor. The Medical Center opened its doors to children in 1999. The sophisticated medical expertise and the venerable work ethics of the medical practitioners coupled with the advanced medical equipment of the Medical Center have re-colored the lives of the sick children.

To share the little artists' drawings with the world and to arouse in our society the need to care for and love our children, the Foundation sponsored the publication of the Child's Heart Drawing Collection. In no time, the books were sold out - to patrons whose lives are now decorated by the children in rainbow colors.