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H.S. Chau Foundation is established by Solina Chau, co-founder of Horizons Ventures, who sees disruptive-technology start-ups as a path to the next normal that will reframe our thinking and transform our lives. Through financial gains from a string of notable early stage investments including Zoom, Impossible Foods , Spotify, Siri and DeepMind, the H.S. Chau Foundation has contributed more than HK$1.5 billion to women’s causes around the world. Major initiatives included establishment of the Women In Enterprising Sciences Womens the Innovative Genomics Institute at UC Berkeley, Dear Girlfriends a medical subsidy scheme at HK Sanatorium Hospital and two Womens Residential College Funds for renovation and programmes at Peking University and South Eastern University in China. A significant part of the foundation’s aim is to invest globally in women’s education, and graduate fellowships have been established in institutions in U.K., U.S. and Australia. The foundation’s mottos are #Be more seem less #Keep a Grateful heart #Be the positive difference.